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Billing Questions


Cancel or Pause Billing

If you are enrolled in an auto ship Subscribe & Save plan, then you will automatically receive new bottles every billing cycle. For example, this could be every 30 days, 90 days, 365 days, etc. (depending on the plan you are on), and your credit card

I need to pause my Subscribe & Save auto ship for a little while.

I have too many bottles and you keep sending more! Can I delay my automatic home delivery for a little while so that I can catch up?. We find that most customers choose to delay their next order, rather than cancel it outright because this guarantees

How do I cancel a recurring PayPal order?

If you have a recurring order setup through Paypal and want to cancel it, then you will need to login into your PayPal account and cancel it from within your own PayPal account. Follow these steps to cancel your PayPal recurring order:. Cancelling a

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